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Thursday, April 28, 2016

What's Your Bizarro Moment?

Once, a few years back, my kids and I were coming home from an outing. As we exited the highway, we came down the exit ramp and at the stoplight ahead of us was an old AMC Gremlin - avocado green, with an enormous guy sporting a ponytail behind the wheel. He had these little prism things hanging from his rearview mirror, and they gleamed in the sun, blinding the crap out of me.

I told my daughter this was a classic car (all while madly adjusting my visor to block the eye-raping prism backlash), and when the light turned red, he went right and we went left.

We continued without incident to the next light, two blocks down, and pulled up right behind an avocado green AMC gremlin, complete with chubby ponytail guy and glittering prisms hanging from the rearview mirror.

How, I do not know.

He went right. We went left. There is no way in two blocks he could have looped around (I live in a rural area) as these weren't standard city blocks - the only way to get to that light would be circling a mile or two around a farm or turning around in the road and passing us. He did not.

My daughter and I are still freaked out about that one to this day. Was he a time traveler? Are there two avocado green AMC Gremlins with prisms driven by identical twins? It's bizarre. It really is.

Up until then, my most bizarre encounter was the beat-up van we passed on the way back from the shore once. It had a cardboard sign in the window that read, "Will pay YOU to let me shave your legs."

Hey, $10 is $10....

Anyway, those are my bizarro stories. What are yours?

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