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Friday, April 29, 2016

Signs Point To Friday - Let's Have A Laugh!

Just in case Grandpa isn't smelling too fresh...

It's Friday!! Yeah, baby!

I am SO ready for this work week to come to a close. And then I get to chill at home cleaning house, doing laundry, mowing, weeding and then writing until I drop! Yay! Soooo relaxing!!


Anyway, it's Friday, and for that I'm grateful. So let's usher the weekend in with a hearty guffaw and a collection of signage that's sure to catch your eye.

Let's start with this one, outside a local bar:

And once you've had a few at the local watering hole, you can head over to this place:

 And for the gourmets in the crowd...

 Fair enough...

It's possible after all that you may have had a few too many. That's okay, this guy's ready for you!

 Worked up an appetite? Eat here!

Don't bother trying to skip the waiting line in front of this restaurant and sneak around back. They have some very strict entrance requirements:

That'll hold us for this edition - have a great weekend, everybody!!

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