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Friday, April 1, 2016

#AprilFools- Check Out Some Of My Favorite Pranks!

Oh, I love a good April Fool's Day prank!  The internet is great for recording these things (much to our chagrin). But their embarrassment is our gain. Prepare to enjoy someone else's folly as I share some of my favorite prank videos!

I love how the old guy just doesn't get rattled:

Please tell me that's a clean port-a-potty:

This college professor has a policy: if your phone rings in class you have to answer it on speaker phone. He ends up regretting that.

Streeter and Amir are two famous pranksters from, and they pulled off two terrific pranks on each other. It began at Yankee Stadium:

And continued with the million dollar half-court shot:

Now get on it - it's prankin' time!

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