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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Cooper, You're A Stand-Up Guy

We went out for pizza
And he saw you the second we stepped in
Shouting your name (too loudly)
Everyone looked
He said, "That's Cooper! From school!"
And then he told me he was sitting with you
I stood there, unsure
But you smiled and greeted my son
Motioned to the seat across from you
And under my semi-watchful eye
You ate together
And talked together
And laughed together
And when it was time for you to leave
You carried his soda for him back to my table
Told him it was great talking to him
Told him you'd see him tomorrow
And he turned to me and said
"Me and Cooper, we were talking, just like guys do."

Cooper, you ate a slice of pizza with my son
But it was so much more
And you are so much more for it
Thank you

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