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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Just A Couple Of Shares For This Fine St. Patrick's Day

If you were to ask me about my heritage, I'd tell you I'm a mutt, like most people here in the good old American melting pot. Truthfully, though, I've got more Irish heritage than anything, coming down through both sides of my family. You can see it in my fair hair and eyes, and my pale easily-sunburned skin.

I've always wanted to visit, and this year, it finally looks like it might be a reality. I'll drink a Guinness and have some decent tea and probably spend a stupid sum on cable-knit sweaters and stuff that's green. And I'll breathe the air and touch some buildings and stones and walk on streets that can measure their history in millenia instead of centuries.

So on this fine St. Paddy's Day (and yes, it's PADDY'S, not "Patty's), I'll leave you with this excellent short film, and a song I remember from my childhood about the yearning to visit the land of your roots.

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