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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Holy S**t, Does This Mommy Need To Curb Her F***ing Potty Mouth

From the time I was old enough to know what bad words meant, I have sworn like a sailor. This was problematic in my teens, as I was raised Southern Baptist and attended church five days a week, but I was smart enough not to do it there. At school, long as I was out of earshot of a teacher, I held nothing back.

College as a Theatre major meant nothing was sacred (except rehearsal time) and my friends and I elevated swearing to an art. I still love a well-crafted obscenity. Then I entered the professional world and guess what? People swear in the office a lot more than you think they would. We're just smart about who we swear in front of and make sure the office door is closed.

And now I have a teenage daughter who throws a swear word every now and again and an impressionable, autistic twelve year old son who hears us both and has no filter, and swearing is once again problematic.

 David is good about addressing every bit of colorful language that falls out of our mouths, reminding me that it really does happen too often. I know they're only words, but you'd think as an author and a blogger I could use language more creatively. I should be able to find much wittier and sharper ways of expressing myself than tossing down an overused swear word.

And I'll get right the f**k on that just as soon as I get all the s**t done that I have to do all d**m day.

In other words, I am excited for the opportunity that this affords me to re-examine my vast and varied language options.

At least, until I stub my toe or the wi-fi goes out.

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