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Monday, February 15, 2016

Resource Monday: Microsoft's Commitment To Inclusive Hiring Is Paying Off For Those With Autism

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A friend pointed me toward this item on the Microsoft blog about Kyle Schwaneke, an employee on the autism spectrum.

Kyle's story is unfortunately entirely too common. People with autism have a high unemployment rate, even though many of them are more than capable of holding a full time job. They frequently do not interview well, and that often sinks their chances before they're even given an opportunity to show what they can contribute.

I'm glad to see a corporation as huge as Microsoft thinking outside the box when it comes to hiring and recruiting. Cookie cutter candidate searches and generic interview questions don't work for everyone - and you may be missing incredible talent because of that. Finding a way to connect with a candidate and allow them to share with your their unique voice and perspective can only make you both better.

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