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Monday, February 8, 2016

Resource Monday: Empower Autism Features Conference Speakers Who Are On The Spectrum

If you're anywhere near the Carolinas this weekend, you might want to get your ticket for the 3rd Annual Empower Autism Conference. This year's theme: "Autism and the Pursuit of Happiness."

There are many great autism-related conferences all over the country, but what sets the Empower Autism Conference apart is that it features speakers who are autistic self-advocates. As a parent, caregiver, family member, friend or instructor, there is incredible value in hearing those who are on the spectrum discuss the challenges they face daily and from their point of view.

This year's theme was chosen with purpose. As they so perfectly put it:
"We have chosen to continue our happiness theme, because we have found happiness to be undervalued and under-taught for everyone."
The cost for the conference is nominal, and the experience of hearing things from the perspective of people on the spectrum is invaluable.

Empower Autism also has a tremendous range of services and projects that they run as well - check them out!

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