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Monday, February 22, 2016

Resource Monday: Does Your State Cover Autism Treatment? A Helpful Graphic & Info

The article features a terrific animated map of the US that you can mouse-over to see the coverage levels in each state, and the article goes a little more in-depth on some of that expanded coverage (or lack thereof).

For instance, here in Pennsylvania, you can see that ABA and other autism-related therapies are covered until age 21, with a cap of $36,000.

The biggest (and saddest) takeaway from the article is that only four states, California, Indiana, Massachusetts and Minnesota require their health insurance plans to cover ABA therapy for autism without any limits on age, cost or frequency.

Age limits and dollar caps vary widely by state, with some insurers cutting off treatment as young as the age of eight - and only the four above going past the age of twenty-one (which very few other states go to).

All in all, this map shows us we have a long, long way to go here in the good old USA. Let's keep pushing until we get there.

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