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Thursday, January 21, 2016

This Year, I'm Being Selfishly Healthy

I got to start my day with a pap smear. Yay.


I will confess to you now, that I haven't had a yearly gyno checkup since my last baby was born. He's twelve now.

I don't know how I fell out of it - I used to go religiously - but life happened and kids happened and divorce happened and somewhere along the way, I lost the idea that taking care of myself was important.

This year, one of my vows to myself was to stop procrastinating and do the regular maintenance I need to do on my regrettably aging body.  So we started with the gyno, and it's onto a mammogram (only been 3 years for that, so not toooo bad), and a few other odds-and-ends type tests that need to be run.

I owe it to my kids and I owe it to me. Health matters. Just ask anyone who doesn't have it.

And besides, if I start my day with a pap smear, the day has nowhere to go but up, right?

This year, I'm going to selfishly - selflessly - take care of me.

Now it's your turn! What have you put off that you need to take care of?

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