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Monday, January 18, 2016

Resource Monday: Check Out "Quirks And Chaos"

Lisa Smith is a blogger  (and an Autism Parenting Magazine award winner) as well as mother of seven children - two of whom have special needs. When her youngest son, Tate was diagnosed with autism she began chronicling her journey (and his) and her posts are poignant, inspiring, educational and hilarious.

I wanted to shout her out today because she put together an amazing resource - especially if you have friends or loved ones who really don't have an understanding of autism or what it's like to live with autism (personally, or as a daily observer). Lisa decided to illustrate some of the common descriptors and terms relating to autism, and these are spot-on. For instance:

You can see Lisa's entire post here.

And I wholeheartedly recommend that you subscribe to her blog, Quirks and Chaos. She and her family are amazing.

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  1. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence and the mention!