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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: We Had A Really Wonderful Lousy Day

Spending all day in the E. R. was not ideal
Watching them poke and prod you
Seeing the electrodes and X-rays and EKG's
Feeling the relief as they ruled out the big stuff
One item at a time
Leaving the non-life-threatening but still painful thing
That will eventually clear up with time and medication
You were such a trooper
And as lousy as that day was
It was also one of the funnest days
Because I got to spend the whole day with just you
Laughing (so much laughing) and joking 
And finally eating mexican food after
Making fools of ourselves for laughing so hard
And being so silly together
Picking up your brother and heading home
With the secret of our day between us
A lousy, but wonderful day
Next time, let's skip the E.R.
And just have some fun together

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