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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I've Known Too Many People In Too Many Pieces

So I was procrastinating on Reddit Saturday morning (instead of writing, like I should have been), and on one of the topic threads an appearance was made by someone who's kind of a Reddit celebrity. The user name is Poem_for_your_sprog (a.k.a. author Sam Garland*) and he shows up every so often on a topic thread and writes an appropriate poem - sometimes lighthearted and silly, and sometimes with some beautiful insight. 

That particular topic was about something someone said that turned your life around. A user commented about her grandfather telling her he loved her to pieces but he wished there weren't so many pieces. Poem_for_your_sprog replied with this, and I just think it's beautiful:

If you should fray, or fall apart,
In any where or when -
I'll always try, with all my heart,
To make you whole again.
But if you choose to fall behind,
And break and shake to bits -
The day may come where I won't find
A single piece that fits.

I've known too many people in too many pieces. And sometimes you have to recognize that they'll never be whole again, not really. It's a hard thing, but learning to love all the pieces is important. It's also important to learn that you can love someone, but choose to walk away to save yourself.

Poem_for_your_sprog captured all of that so beautifully (and on the fly - that's some serious talent), and the response to his poem was overwhelming. He resonated with all of us, and I just wanted to share that moment, and his touching words.

*Sam is also the author of The Mouse In The Manor House (and other poems), and is the author of a story on the PC game, Flamebreak. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter. Sam also has a Patreon Page, for custom requests and donations!

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