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Friday, December 11, 2015

Time To Get Cracking On Those Holiday Cards - And Here's Some Inspiration!

It's the holiday season, folks, and every year I slave over a pile of Christmas cards, wishing I could be as clever and witty and exciting as everyone else seems to be. Here are a few people who are absolute pros at the whole Christmas card thing - maybe their inspiration will rub off!

For you single gals...Bridget's Oh-So-Single Birthday Cards feature offerings like this one:

These are great, and I have no idea why some gorgeous man hasn't snapped this beautiful and hilarious woman up already. Warning - language on one of them but makes it even funnier.
Here's her 2015 card.

John Cessna is a comedian  who's been adding his own flair to Christmas cards since 2008. Here's his collection, including my personal favorite:

And speaking of great Christmas cards...I don't know who the Power family is, but I want to be their friend. (click to embiggen)

Mike and Laura have been rocking the Christmas card scene for years. Check out the full array, featuring gems like this one:

Happy Holidays Everyone - and enjoy your weekend!

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