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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: I Forgot To Think Right

He suddenly stopped wearing his favorite pair of Converse
Telling me they don't work anymore
I assumed they were too small
So we went shopping for new ones
Red this time
And he pronounced them a perfect fit
They were exactly the same size
I told him so and he reiterated - they don't work
Then I saw the problem
The lace has a very tight knot near the end
It's been there a while
He told me about it
But it was in so tight, I couldn't get it undone
It's the lace, isn't it? I ask
The knot bothers you
Yes, he says 
I told you
There's a knot
I don't like it
I can't wear it
I'm sorry, I tell him
I knew about the knot
How about some new laces?
No more knots
I wasn't thinking that the knot 
Would make it so hard for you
But you're thinking now? he asks
You're thinking right?
Yes, I assure him
I'm thinking right now

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