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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

So It Turns Out There's A Scientific Reason For My Love Of Irish Accents

As a person with a Theatre degree, and a lifelong lover of words and language, I am an absolute sucker for a man with an accent. Or anyone with an accent, really. So much so that I have to work hard not to fall into the accent myself.

I'm especially undone by an Irish accent. Maybe it's my heritage calling to me, but it turns out there's solid science behind our love of certain accents, according to this article from CNN.

The study cited in the article rates Italians number one for sexy accents, with the French and the Irish rounding out the top three. The study further notes that the Irish language is very musical, due to its range and use of soft consonants. "If (the Irish language) were a person, it'd be very sensitive and spiritual," they noted.

Ahhhhh. I'm hearing it in my head right now, so I am.

I'm going to travel to Ireland and meet a man who looks like a troll with five teeth and uncontrollable flatulence and hairy ears and I'll fall madly in love with him just for the lilting syllables falling from his gnarly lips.

What the hell. That's what light switches are for, right?

I'll just be over here with my Guinness...

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