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Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Friday The 13th! Check Out These Unlucky Saps!!

Holy cow, am I ever glad it's Friday. This week has been moving in dog years, I swear. But I'm kid-free for the weekend and I just bought "Game of Thrones" season one on DVD so I can get my Momoa fix (along with the various other mancandy on that show).

What was I saying? I sort of lost my train of thought after "Momoa..."

Oh yes. Friday. Friday the 13th, even! And in the spirit of this fine and spooky holiday, here are some videos of some poor schmucks with really terrible luck (note: some of these contain NSFW language/situations).

This one reminds you that winter is just around the corner:

Okay, a lot of these guys aren't unlucky, they're just idiots. The people around them are unlucky.

And we'll finish up by counteracting all that bad luck with these incredibly fortunate souls:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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