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Thursday, October 15, 2015

There's No Use In Fighting It....I'm A Creature Of The Night

I started with the best intentions.

It was Monday afternoon, and my kids were out of school (it's Columbus Day here in the states) so I was home for the day. One kid was off with a buddy, and the other was engrossed in a DVD. It was a beautiful fall afternoon, just warm enough and with the slightest breeze to ruffle the multicolored leaves on the trees in my backyard. 

I took my laptop out to the screen porch, sat down in my rocker with my beanbag-bottomed lapdesk and a glass of iced tea, and told myself I was going to write. And write. And write.

Okay, make that "snooze." 

The dappled sunlight on my keyboard, the warmth of it hitting my neck, the hypnotic sound of the breeze in the was all too much. Sunshine always does this to me. It's like a drug to me, I swear.

My ex was the exact opposite. If sunlight hit his eyelids in the morning, he had to get up. He couldn't just lay there. Me? I could cheerfully sleep 'till noon with the sun warming my pillow and reflecting off the sheets and I'll feel like I just tossed back five shots of tequila from it.

But at night?

At night, I come alive. Midnight and all my circuits are humming. I'm so much more creative, so ready to take on the world, so full of energy and ideas and adventure. The cool of the evening, the gathering darkness, the twinkling of the's like a boost of mega-caffeine and I'm energized by it all.

Which really sucks when you have a kid on a seven a.m. bus and a job that needs you there by eight-thirty. I'm better suited for night work, but childcare and pay scale dictate that I have a day job with this nighttime-loving body.

I'll just have to grin and bear it, at least until I find somebody to take advantage of my nocturnal energy surges...if ya know what I mean. 'Till then, it's lots of writing, lots of standing on the deck at 1am looking up at the stars, and lots of caffeine at work the next morning.

What about you? Are you a creature of the night? Or do you hate to see daylight go to waste?

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