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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

So I Watch 'Kill Bill' Every Mother's Day - It's Festive!

I was going through our massive DVD collection over the weekend, trying to organize (and return things to their cases because the kids always leave a pile of discs laying around....grrr!) and got to thinking about how we identify certain movies with certain holidays.

For instance - this month, on the weekends I have the kids, we'll be watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus and Disney's cheesy epic: Halloweentown. It's tradition around here.

Next month, it's a re-watch of my DVD set of Band of Brothers for Veteran's Day, and then we'll gather together the Saturday before Thanksgiving and pop popcorn, eat jelly beans, toast and pretzels, and watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Christmas ushers in all the usual Christmas specials, and two we always watch as a family are The Muppet Christmas Carol and The Polar Express. I also throw in (for me -not the kids) Love Actually - my all-time favorite Christmas movie. I also make a point (since I'm alone on Christmas Eve - the kids are with their Dad) to watch White Christmas. My Mom and I always watched it growing up, and since I lost her at Christmas, it's like she's sitting next to me on the couch and I can practically hear her singing along.

Some of the holidays are easy - Groundhog Day means we watch Groundhog Day. Valentine's Day means we watch Valentine's Day. I used to go old school for St. Patrick's Day and insist on Darby O'Gill and the Little People when the kids were younger, but now we all watch P.S. I Love You and Leap Year.

Easter always meant The Ten Commandments when I was growing up, but I haven't been able to get the kids to sit through it. Mother's Day for me (out of range of the younger child) means Kill Bill, the mother of all Mother's Day movies.

Memorial Day is Saving Private Ryan, 4th of July is The Patriot, August is Grease (back to school!) followed by a Labor Day viewing of Office Space. I worked for a dot-com startup in 2000, and that movie is just spot-on.

That's my year in movies. What about you?

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