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Monday, October 19, 2015

Resource Monday: Meet Milo - A New Frontier In Autism Therapy

Meet Milo R25, the next generation in autism therapy! He might look a little creepy to us, but to a kid with autism who has trouble with facial and verbal cues, it's a big help to study his exaggerated features and work through his various modules on social interaction. 

Milo has twenty-one separate motors, as well as a camera and microphone, to pinpoint the exact location of the student’s voice, turn, respond and answer questions while facing the student.

A typical work session involves Milo going through a lesson, explaining a concept and then showing a short video clip on a tablet about the correct and incorrect way to interact socially. After the video, the student will push a button on the touch screen about the shown interaction, answering questions about what was right and wrong.

There is a small computer screen on Milo’s chest that reinforces the important concepts discussed during the lesson.

Check out the video below for more info, or head over to the Robokind site for more information!

Special thanks to reader Steph for sharing this with me!


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