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Friday, October 30, 2015

Fun On A Friday: Check Out These Great Halloween Costumes!

Yes, that's my boy a few years back, dressed as Harry Potter in Quidditch robes, complete with broom. Why his teacher made him pose with the broom handle in that position, I will never know. But it made for a memorable picture!

And in the spirit of this festive holiday - here are some fantastic and fun Halloween costumes!

Look! It's an amena- anemenema - it's Nemo!

That's quite the couples costume, there....

How about this guy - uh...guys???

More than slightly creepy, but a great idea if you're expecting:

Speaking of creepy....try your hand at some "Broken Doll" makeup:


 And finally - how about this weatherman's amazing Halloween costume?

Hope you have a fun and creative Halloween weekend! Enjoy!!!


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