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Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Fun: Get A Load Of These Adorable (And Smooth!) Guys!

It's a beautiful fall Friday here in the mid-Atlantic, and I plan to bake a load of pumpkin bread and drink a lot of apple cider this weekend. Oh, and write. 'Cause I do that now, a lot more than usual.

Can I tell you how surreal it still is to get paid for something I'd cheerfully do for free?

(Don't tell my editor that...)

Anyway, this weekend I've been invited to a backyard hangout complete with firepit and hard cider and (as I've been informed) nice guy my age who is also single and friends want me to meet.


So I guess I'd better practice that flirty thing and brush up on how to recognize that flirty thing (because I'm crap at it, quite honestly) and we'll go from there. If I don't talk myself out of going for that very reason, that is.

And in the spirit of flirting, I give you these adorable men and their incredibly smooth moves.

Check out the mall Casanova:

And how about this guy? His dance partner took a tumble and he took a dive to keep her from feeling embarrassed:

This one's from a movie, but adorable just the same:

Check out Mr. Smooth on the slope:

And then there's these three guys, just sharing a bite:

I'm going to direct link this one, because the website isn't posting it right, for some reason. Maybe not the safest way to flirt, but still kind of adorable.

And finally, I'll end with the spontaneous marriage proposal that goes horribly wrong:

 Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. Looks like the stars are aligning. First you are officially an author. Now is the time to get yourself some romance!. :-)