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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Women, I Gotta Ask...Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

I can always tell we're moving toward the holiday season just by the volume of catalogs that hit my mailbox. They're not nearly as plentiful as they once were (guess I'm not ordering like I used to) but I got a few over the weekend and gave them a once-over before I tossed them. That's when I came across the shirt above.

Gee, isn't that funny? Let's advertise what a complete mess our lives are! And we'll just burst with pride as people view us as completely inept!

While I'm on the subject, how about this one? I've only seen it on Facebook about a bazillion times:

News flash, girlfriends: The only one who should be "handling" you when you're at your worst is YOU.

If you're honestly that out-of-control and hard to be around, do your friends and anyone who loves you a favor and either find someplace else to be today until you get over yourself or get some professional help.

I'm not saying you can't have a bad day. I'm not saying you can't be depressed, angry, or overwhelmed. You can and will be all of those things. We all are sometimes. 

If you're a person who is all those things on a regular basis, you need to get some help - some real help - because that's no way to live.

And most of all, it's nothing to be flippant about. It's nothing to shove off onto anyone else with a ballsy attitude and just expect them to be okay with you behaving like an asshole or a crazy person. Own yourself. Own what controls you and ask for help if you need to turn it all around.

Then put on a shirt that proclaims you a caring soul. Put on a shirt that asks "How are you today?" instead of demanding that everyone buy into your worst, hot mess of a self. 

Empower yourself to be somebody better than that every single day, and then ask others to challenge themselves to do the same. 

Pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Laugh a lot. Read more. Tell your friends and family that you love them. Take a look at your chaotic life and realize that life is chaos. That's what makes it so delightfully unpredictable, after all. 

There isn't a one of us who's got a perfect life. You could do worse. Stop labeling yourself as the stuff on the bottom of a barrel being transported on the Crazy Express to Difficult Woman Junction.

You're better than that. We all are.

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