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Monday, September 28, 2015

Resource Monday: A Checklist For Identifying Sources Of Aggression In Your Child

I've decided to roll out a new feature, since Mondays are usually taken up with episode recaps this time of year. I recognize that not all of you watch my favorite show, and I still want to offer something uplifting or useful.

So every Monday, I'm going to share with you an excellent parenting or autism or empowerment resource that I've found to be especially useful.

This week, I'm sharing this amazing checklist, courtesy of the website "We Are Like Your Child," a website that publishes essays written exclusively by disabled people. The checklist is for parents to have a better understanding of the things that might be triggering behavior issues in your disabled child - especially if they have communication issues and cannot accurately tell you themselves.

So many of these were so helpful to me. It's very easy when your kid is giving you odd answers or no answers to try to fill in the blanks the only way we know how. Unfortunately, what we know and recognize as a potential trigger or issue may be way off the mark and trying to address their issues from our perspective can be frustrating all around.

Give the checklist a read, and for an even greater, more expanded view of life with a body or a mind that doesn't fit the world's parameters, read the rest of the essays. You'll be a different person afterward. You really will.

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