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Friday, September 11, 2015

Fun On A Friday: Laughter Has Healing Powers

My newsfeed today is full of somber remembrance, which is only right, but sometimes you need a break. You need to remember that people are human and humans...well, we goof up. Or we get affected by things around us and react in unpredictable ways. And when we do, sometimes it can be hilarious.

So today, we're going to watch a bunch of news anchors unexpectedly laughing their arses off. Some of these may contain NSFW language, but all are going to leave you dabbing tears of laughter from your eyes, and we need more tears of laughter today. We really do.

Let's start with this guy - who can't get over the name of a pig:

And then there's this poor new anchor, who can't get over the look on the face of a swimming cat:

These are my local newscasters interviewing Ryan Lochte - I think Shanelle nearly went into premature labor that day:

And how about poor Anderson Cooper, trying to keep it together through this report?

And we'll end with Stephen Colbert having a rough time, as well - of course, he wasn't expecting his staff to insert a picture of his real-life mother-in-law in as the "mother" in the story:

That's it for this edition, folks. 
Have a wonderful weekend
Don't forget to hug the ones you love

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