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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Please Pardon My Happy Resting Face

I'm sure many of you have heard of the phenomenon known as "Bitchy Resting Face."

This particular affliction causes problems for people whose natural resting face appears to be angry or standoffish. People with this issue are often told to "cheer up" when they're perfectly happy, or they get asked a lot about what's bothering them when nothing is. It's annoying, I'm sure.

But I wouldn't know, personally. You see, I have the exact opposite. I have a happy resting face. Not just neutral - but happy. Smiling. My default face.

In my younger and far hotter days, this actually caused some problems. I'd be out with friends or sitting on a bench or hanging at the college library, and guys would assume I was interested if I made eye contact because I looked like I was smiling at them. 

I get asked sometimes what I'm thinking about, or even what I'm laughing about, and on the rare occasion, what I'm up to. You'd have to seriously work to get me to give you a grumpy look. 

The downside to this is when I see something that genuinely makes me happy or strikes me funny, my smile is usually over-the-top, almost to the point of creepy. I have to scale it back so I don't look like some kind of deranged serial killer or something. 

I suppose there are worse things to be known for, right? So, if you ever pass me on the street and I'm smiling, feel free to say hello. But don't ask me what I'm up to...I'm really a very boring person. Honest.

Why so serious?

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