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Monday, August 10, 2015

Here's A List Of Stuff You Will Never, EVER See Me Eat

It's a true fact that you will never, ever see me eat anything with the word "brains" in it - no matter how much I love watching Andrew Zimmern do it on TV.

You will also never see me eat: liver (any animal), fat (cut it off all my meat), skin (same - even breaded and fried), persimmons (hate 'em), most stuff with curry or rosemary in it (too overwhelming), and virtually all seafood. I have a handful of seafood-ish things I'll eat but they're generally battered, fried and swimming in malt vinegar or cocktail sauce with horseradish. I don't do sushi with fish in it. Bleh.

Those are my personal preferences, of course, and your mileage may vary. However, I think we can all be in agreement about some of the following things: 

We'll start with an oldy but a serious goldy. The commentary on these is one of the funniest things I've ever read on the internet. These are the 1974 Weight Watchers Recipe cards, courtesy of

That color! Like jellied human flesh! Ick!

You'll also never find me eating a whole chicken in a can. 

(Try to supress the full-body shudder on that one...)

And this one? Oh, just hell no.

And speaking of nasty stuff in a can, let's give it up for the people who attempted the Cheeseburger in a can challenge:

And after that bit of unpleasantness, I'll leave you with The Gallery of Regrettable Food. You're sure to spend several gag-inducing hours there, among tasty dishes like these:

Don't ask. Just...don't ask.

Now is a great time to start that diet, doncha think??

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