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Friday, August 7, 2015

Fun On A Friday - Feline Groovy! #Friday #Cats

Don't be fooled. They're plotting to kill me.

As you all know, I have cats.

I have cats who are adorable, but also frequently a-holes, as is the way with cats. And in the spirit of all things furry and feline, let's have some fun laughing at the little buggers, shall we?

We'll start with this compilation of "Cats behaving badly"

And this awesome compilation of funny cat moments:

And we'll sidetrack over to awwww street for this little guy:

Here's one of cats doing what they do best...being colossal a-holes:

See what I mean?

And finally, an oldie but a goldie. Let's play some cat patty-cake!

Have a great weekend, everyone and don't mock your cats where they can hear you. Seriously.

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