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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Priorities, Mom. Priorities.

Mom, do you think  you will get married again? 
I don't know Bubby. Maybe. Maybe not. I'd have to find 
a boyfriend first.
Daddy is getting married.
I know. Are you excited? You get to be in the wedding! I think you'll have fun.
He shrugs and drinks some more soda as he thinks.
I think you should marry Brendan Fraser. He's in The Mummy. And Looney Tunes.
I know who he is. Good choice.
He would protect us from mummies.
He's certainly qualified.
And he will live next door. 
He can't live with us?
He scrunches up his face and takes another drink.
Okay. But you'll have to buy more bacon, I think.

Well, one must certainly keep one's strength up if we're going to be fighting mummies.
And marrying Brendan Fraser. 
Yeah, baby.

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