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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Life Is Becoming An Untranslatable Word #amwriting #TuesdayThoughts

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I actually came across this list of untranslatable words some time ago and planned to write a blog post about one, but I found that I related to too many of them on some level or another.

For instance, there's Fernweh (pictured above) - feeling homesick for a place you've never been to. I found that happening just recently as I did some research for a book. The more I learned about the place, the more I yearned for it. I still do.

Ireland...someday. Someday, Ireland.

Anyway. you'll never hear me discussing gökotta, (waking up early in the morning for the sole purpose of hearing the birds sing) being the night-owl that I am. Morning is for sleeping. Unless I've got company. I'll give up sleep for that, but not much else.

Then there's Backpfeifengesicht, or a face badly in need of a fist. I've had a few of those. Just this week as a matter of fact.

And let's not forget Aware - and no, that's not the English word. Leave it to the Japanese to find a word for the bittersweet feeling of a fading moment of great beauty. Like when you see your kids sleeping and realize the amount of amazing within them and all that they are to you. Like when you hear that song that brings you back to that one moment or you watch the sun sink into the ocean on a perfect summer day. 

I think I'm going to invent my own untranslatable word. How about Wishcrastination - Simultaneously wishing for a beautiful or different future while procrastinating about doing things that might actually lead you there.

Welcome to my life, ladies and gentlemen. 

And now I'd better get back to writing, unless I want to end up a gattara. I've got the cats, after all. Crazy's not far behind.

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