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Friday, June 26, 2015

Love Is Love - Whether You Expected It Or Not

When my daughter was born, I had all kinds of visions of the future.

She'd be beautiful, of course. And smart. Mustn't forget smart. And someday, I'd be helping her dress for her first dance, taking pictures of her and the lucky guy who had her on his arm.

Well, two out of three happened. Because this year, her eighth grade year, she went to her first formal dance, with her girlfriend.

Her girlfriend, who is a girlfriend.

And they danced and they cuddled and in front of my house, posed in their gorgeous dresses. They kissed and I took a picture because dammit, they're adorable together.

You see, sometimes, Anna dates boys, and sometimes she dates girls. She likes the person, and their gender is a non-issue for her. It's the way she is.

And when she told me she was dating a girl for the first time, my answer was:

"Yes? And?"

Because while it wasn't expected - holy cow, was it not expected - it was also not a bad thing. Or a scary thing. Or a "she needs to be fixed" thing. She's fine as she is. And in typical Anna fashion, she's just walking her life along and rolling her eyes at the haters, which thankfully, have been very few and far between (and mostly middle-school boys who are mad that she's not dating them).

And today, the Supreme Court has agreed that my daughter (and your daughter, son, sister, brother, friend, self) has a right to date and marry any consenting adult she damn well pleases.

As happy and thrilled and satisfied as I am with that ruling, I honestly look forward to the day when all of this - dating and marrying and loving someone of the same sex - is a complete non-issue. Barely worthy of more than a passing yawn. That's what I look forward to. The day of no reaction other than, "How wonderful that you found someone to love."

And I hope we all find someone to love.

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