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Monday, June 29, 2015

11 Great YouTube Channels That Will Eat Your Life

You Weren't Planning On Doing Anything Today, Were You?

At some point over this last weekend, I got directed to a cool YouTube video that led me to another and another and eventually I'm watching some weird series on giraffes in the wild Serengeti and it's seven hours later. I was sucked down the YouTube hole, and time had no meaning anymore.

And since today is Monday and we're all back at work (well, you are - I'm home with a sick kid), I figured I'd keep you from your assigned tasks by leading you down the primrose path to YouTube land myself.

Here's a list of some really awesome life-eating, time-stealing channels you can watch on YouTube:

  • Watch a week-by-week retelling of World War I in The Great War. Seriously fascinating stuff.
  • Just for fun, you might want to check out Ashens, who does all kinds of quirky product reviews, or get sucked in by the casual storytelling of Casey Neistat.
  • And finally, here's one that never disappoints: Check out The Slo Mo Guys! They explode tons of stuff in slow motion and it's never not fascinating.

There. That'll keep you busy. Try not to get fired today, okay?

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