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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Search Engine Keywords Are Sometimes A Surprise

I try not to dwell on the "stats" page of my blog too often. It's not like I have millions of page views a day, here, but it's usually respectable enough for me. I've just found that getting all wound up about who's reading me and how often can get me way too determined to write clickbait instead of actual content. I'd much rather write something catchy once in a while and give you some meatier fodder the other days for those of you who do stick around.

One thing that I do find interesting is the list of search terms people plug into Google that brought them to my blog. Most of the time it's pretty generic, my blog name or a reference to an especially popular post, and sometimes, it gets....weird.

Here's a short list of stuff people searched (and found my blog from) that makes me scratch my head:

Best doilies for sofa

Why he went there

Gorgeous pizza

Gold and Silver make me quiver

Game of Thrones cupcake Bar Mitzvah

I have no idea what any of these have to do with me or my blog, but they are entertaining to read. And I want Game of Thrones cupcakes now. There's a sleazy joke to be made about Khal Drogo and frosting, I know there is.

And speaking of sleaze...yeah I get those search terms, too.

Just goes to show you, people never fail to surprise. Especially when they think Google keeps their secrets.


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