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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: The Little Book That Could

It's a labor of love, to be sure.
Not overly long, and not full of legal speak or tips on how to make your own window cleaner with vinegar
It's just a short guide to getting the hell on with your life
Which is what you really need to do
What I really needed to do
And that began with a writing job that led to this book, and to other books
That led to a career I'd always wanted but was never brave enough to try
Until he tossed me off a cliff
And I sprouted wings 
And I flew


Ellie DeLano spent four years as the Divorce Blogger for Woman's Day Magazine, chronicling her transition to single parenting and mid-life dating after decades of marriage with poignancy and humor. What she learned from her readers and her own experience was invaluable, and she shares it here with a straightforward guide to the things you really need to help you move forward after your divorce.
Available at Amazon for Kindle - and Smashwords for all e-reading device.

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