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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Here's To The Unsung Heroes

What's that? You need dinner reservations for six in forty-five minutes? 
No, make that seven? Nine? I've got it.
You need fourteen color copies of that presentation
GBC bound and driven through the pouring rain 
To the airport, before you get on the plane?
I've got it.
You need this horrific, disjointed spreadsheet
To look clean and readable and gorgeous?
I've got it.
You screwed up the Word doc template
And now the fonts are all wonky and the columns won't line up?
I've got it.
You have back-to-back meetings from eight to two
And can't get lunch?
I've got it.
Flowers on my desk for 
Administrative Professionals Day?
I don't get.
Oh well. Maybe next year.

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