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Friday, April 10, 2015

Fun On A Friday: Stuff That Makes Me Laugh

Hi there and welcome to Friday! Or as I like to say: TGI EFFITY F! Today I present a gallery of stuff that made me laugh:

Let's start with this:

How to hide alcohol in Facebook pictures: (There's a whole gallery - check 'em out!)

Then there's this adorable baby who has just discovered his eyebrows:


This one is actually quite informational, but a few of these are hilarious: What to call your period in other countries.

This made me laugh entirely too loud: The definition of a quickie. (NSFW in a wildlife sort of way)

Scottish Batman

The Bitch (it's really an old film about dog breeding that's been re-cut, but I'll call it NSFW):

This girl plays the same prank on her brother over and over, telling him they're posing for a selfie when she's really taking video (NFSW Language):

That's what's making me laugh this Friday. Hope you all have a hilarious weekend!

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