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Monday, March 9, 2015

My AARP-Approved Personal Harem

Is it just me, or are they making hot guys younger and younger these days? I'm having serious trouble turning on the TV and finding myself drooling over some guy who's closer to my daughter's age than mine.

The phenomenon began with Zack Efron, then moved on to Taylor Lautner (specifically: shirtless Taylor Lautner). Now I've got Liam Hemsworth and Theo James making me salivate. I used to salivate over Josh Hutcherson, but there were a couple of "Have you ever met a celebrity" threads on Reddit where he got mentioned over and over as being a complete asshole in real life, so I don't drool over him anymore
The problem is, I feel like a dirty, dirty old lady for drooling over a hot guy in his twenties. And I'm crochety like an old lady about it because they sure as hell didn't  make 'em like that when I was in my twenties. Seriously.

In the interest of fair play, however, I think we need to point out that there are still a helluva lot of hot guys who are old enough to be card-carrying AARP members, and I would cheerfully jump any one of them.

So here's my top ten list of guys over fifty who still have the mojo and could populate my personal harem any damn time:

Lenny Kravitz
Who needs Josh Hutcherson? Give me a man who can groove.

Liam Neeson
I'd like to get "Taken" by Liam Neeson. Ya know what I mean?
Yeah, you know what I mean.

Antonio Banderas 
No cock jokes, please.

Pierce Brosnan
Everyone loves an Irish boy. Especially me.

Ed Harris
Ooooh, those blue eyes.

Ken Watanabe 
I've loved him since "Inception" and in everything since. He's
got such chemistry and sexy, sexy intensity that I really dig.

Gary Sinise
That jawline. That intensity.
That slight West-Texas twang...

Pierfrancesco Favino
Hot, sexy Italian guy. Redundant, I know.

Adam Baldwin
Can't watch Firefly without wanting Jayne Cobb. He's probably
the only big and stupid hunk of meat I would cheerfully get naked with.

Sir Patrick Stewart
Come on, do I really need to explain that one?

What about you? Who are your picks for the grey-haired set?

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