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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: They're In There Somewhere

I was standing on the beach at sunset
The kids were playing in the surf
The sky was red-gold-purple and the seagulls were flying and all was right in the world
I took this picture just as a wave broke over them
They're in there, somewhere
Emerging a moment later, laughing out loud and shaking their wet hair from their eyes
Alive and vibrant and full of kinetic energy
A direct contrast to the feeling of peace and contentment of the woman who stood at the shore, watching them revel in their moment, taking quiet joy in their exuberance
Standing at the sidelines
Because I know that sometimes, I must let them go
Even if I can't see them through whatever wave they're riding
I know they're in there
And I know I've taught them to laugh
And embrace the joy of that moment
Until it's their turn to stand on the sand

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