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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Mommy Is A Free Elf!

It's certainly not unusual
To find a sock in your boot
But this one bedeviled me all the way to work
Sitting just under my big toe as I drove
And when I pulled off my boot
It fell to the floor
"Lego," I grumbled. Of course.
But this is from the Lego Hogwarts set
This is Dobby's sock
Which means Mommy is now a free elf
But I fear I will never be free from Legos


Jessa discovers that she can travel to other realities, and with the help of Finn, another traveler, they go on amazing journeys in all sorts of alternate worlds. What will Jessa find on the other side of the mirror? And can she escape from the evil that's hunting her?
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