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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: And This Is Why We Don't Have Birthday Parties Anymore

This is the face of kid with no attendees at his birthday party.

This is the face, sometimes, of autism.

Luckily for this kid the story had a happy ending.

Despite the other kids and their parents who clearly don't think empathy is a lesson you should teach your children.

I never had that happen, thank God, but every year the attendees were less and less.

And this year, he started middle school.

So I didn't take a chance. I told him that once you go to middle school, you don't have parties anymore. 

We went to the movies instead, and shopping at the Lego Store. 

His dad took him to an indoor waterpark with his sister. And it was all good.

And he probably won't ever have a big birthday party again.

But he also won't wear this face, and I'll do anything to keep him from wearing that face.

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