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Monday, February 9, 2015

Just Another Manic Monday - Come Laugh At Some Videos With Me!

It's Monday, ice is falling from the sky, I wrote a staggering 9,300 words this weekend (8,500 of which were complete crap, I assure you) and I literally (LITERALLY) went to bed at 5:15 am this morning and had to get up at 6:30. So the brain? She is.. how you say? Mush. Pulp. Ooze.

And on that note, I'm just going to slap together these funny videos, throw 'em at the blog, and see if they stick.

Let's start off by making a snack, shall we? Why, how about some fried gnocchi?

Or how about an embarrassing "I got drunk and sang to my cat" video?

And for all you dog lovers out there - a guy's evil wife took a video of him petting and snuggling their dog...only she ran it in slo-mo and it looks horribly creepy.

Above all, don't forget, folks...strange things happen when Mom's not around.

That's all my helpless brain can manage for today. Catch up with you tomorrow when working is brain gooder.

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