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Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Friday The 13th! Let's Shake Off The Feeling Of Impending Doom With Some Happy Happy Videos

While we all wait for the hovering spectre of death to drop a ladder on us, explode an umbrella indoors in our face, or send a rabid, black cat to tear our throat out, I figure we can pass the time by watching videos that are guaranteed to make you really, stupidly happy.

How can you feel bad after seeing a prancing piglet? Seriously!

Or a toddler dancing with his dad?

How about a wife surprising her husband with a pregnancy announcement in a photobooth

And one of my personal favorites: a flash mob in Antwerp dancing to "Do Re Mi!"

How about a happy eighties workout video extravaganza!!

And we'll end with this one, because I honestly can't decide if it's happy or frightening.

Happy Friday (the 13th!) Everyone!


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