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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Book Teaser Tuesday: Here's What I'm Working On Next!

Yes, you're reading that right - here's my next project.

This one has actually been a looooong time in the works, and I've had people asking me to do this or something similar over and over for a few years, due to my relationship blogging and my stint as the divorce blogger for Woman's Day Magazine.

The truth of the  matter is, I really wasn't in a good headspace for that at first. Blogging about a divorce is one thing. Actually giving practical advice is another, and it requires experience, time and distance from the apocalypse to do it effectively, in my opinion.

So I'm putting together this little guide that features seriously practical advice - no lawyer stuff, no intense psychotherapy - just some humor and some real-life suggestions for digging yourself out of the rubble when your marital world falls down (or gets knocked down) around you.

After this one, I finish up work on the second book of my Viator trilogy (the YA novel I just entered in Swoon Reads YA novel contest). After that...probably my memoir. I'll have to see where the muse takes me.

So watch this space for an upcoming announcement, hopefully sometime in the spring!


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