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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: This Lego Piece Violates The Geneva Conventions

Every day I step out onto the battlefield
Dodging Lego landmines throughout the house
Praying that my heel won't find a stray brick or headless figurine

Some days, I get my revenge
Only when the boy is not around, of course
Then I can sweep them up from the kitchen floor
Shake them out of my shoes that I was foolish enough to leave near the edge of the kitchen counter where he played
And if he's not around - into the trash they go
Instead of into the giant bin with the 63,896 other Legos

But this piece is proof that they are fighting back
Like Skynet, they have become aware
They sent out this terminator of a piece
Targeted specifically to the arch of my foot
My screams of agony echoing off the walls

And somewhere in the Lego bin
I swear, I heard laughter

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