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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Bilbo's Other Nephew

It was a Christmas present from his sister
And today he insisted on wearing it to school
"I'm a hobbit today, Mom," he told me
And as always, I had to weigh
How much he wants to be a hobbit
With how much the other middle school boys might make fun of him
Finally I decided to let him wear it
Because he's got the personality to carry it off
Loud and in your face and bigger than life
They'll laugh, I'm sure
And he'll love that they're laughing
And you know what?
Plenty of them will think it's just plain funny because it is
And not because he has autism
So my hobbit headed for the bus stop this morning
And the only thing I said no to
Was his insistence that he be barefoot, as well

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