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Friday, January 9, 2015

Another Friday Edition Of "Things That Make Me Go NOPE"

Hi everyone, and welcome aboard the train to NOPEville. Climb aboard and let's get started, shall we? Excuse me a moment as I put on my NOPE face.

Presenting...the NOPE workout!!

This one is a definite NOPE:

And if those aren't NOPE-inducing enough for you, try out this link. I had to unlock my knees after I watched it.

I don't even have asthma, and this makes my chest hurt to the point of NOPE:

Yes, that's mold.
If you don't want to hang out in that room, you can always book a room a the Hotel NOPE.

Put this one under "NOPE, I wouldn't pay money for that."

The Belfie Stick - for when you want to take the perfect picture of your butt.
(Note, this really only works if you have a butt worth looking at in the first place.)

And it goes without saying that this is a serious NOPE:

Who does their quality testing? Do I even want to know?

The "You answered your own question" NOPE:

I love you, Bill Gates, but NOPE.

Read the article here.

And finally, how about a nice cup of NOPE?

Those are Fire Ants. Fire. Ants."When fire ants are gathered into a group, they act like a fluid,
as depicted above in a scene, arranged by the researchers."

[Photograph courtesy David Hu and Nathan J. Mlot for National Geographic]

I think that's enough NOPE for today. Have a great weekend!

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