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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Anna And Ellie: Where Do You See Yourself In Ten Years?

We figured we'd post pictures of ourselves from ten years ago, since this week's question is:

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Anna says:

I'll most likely still be in college because I want to be an astronomer or a doctor. I haven't decided yet. I want to own a nice car like a mustang (like that's realistic for a 24 year old with student loans) and I want to live in Europe somewhere. I'll be working on my Master's Degree but I'm going to have a really exciting social life anyway.

Then I'm going to land a job at BuzzFeed, 'cause that would be my dream job. My favorite guy on Buzzfeed is Eugene Lee Chang. Hopefully I won't be living on Ramen noodles every night.

Ellie: You will not be eating Ramen noodles because I will move to Europe and cook for you while I date a bunch of European guys.

Anna: (eyeroll)

Ellie says:

I see myself bitter and alone.

Just kidding, just kidding. Hmmm. I guess the real question is where would I like to see myself in ten years, and that's easy.

Bestselling author. Fiscally secure. Happy, healthy children. Someone to love who loves me back just as fiercely. A full, interesting life.

Now where do I realistically, probably think I'll be?

Working a full time job, still writing on the side. Inching closer to retirement age but knowing I won't be able to fully retire (and honestly, not sure I ever would stop working in some capacity). Anna would be out of college (unless she does grad school, which is a real possibility), and David may still be living with me. I may or may not have a boyfriend, but I think it's probably kind of doubtful I'd have a husband (and that's okay - I'm not whining about that). I'll be getting by and looking for my moments of happiness everywhere I can find them. And I'll be fine.

I honestly believe that.

And I think that's the one thing I can say for myself. No matter how bad it gets, or how bleak the outlook, or how unsure the future, I have a solid, unshakable faith that I'll figure it out somehow, even when I have no idea how I'm going to do that. I just will.

I call it "the resilience gene." I hope I passed it along to both my children, because it's been invaluable sometimes, it really has.

Anna: Resilience is one of my vocabulary words. We're learning about the holocaust, so it's on the list. These questions are anticlimactic.

Ellie: (eyeroll)

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