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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Anna And Ellie: Describe Your Perfect Day

Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of Anna and Ellie explain it all for you! We'll keep it light this week with the first of our reader inquiries.

This week's reader question:

Can you describe your perfect day?

Anna says:

Morning: Wake up at 10am because I don't want to sleep in too late but I also want to be well-rested. I should be on vacation, so I wake up in a "tented haze". Like when you're camping and you wake up to the smell of bacon cooking - that feeling of taking my time waking up, and I've got no worries. Breakfast would be bacon, Belgian waffles and fruit smoothie that powers me up.

Afternoon: Go do something natural - go on a hike or to the beach or something and just take in nature and the beauty of it. Lunch would be Panera Bread chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl. 

Evening: Dinner could be whatever we feel like. I want to be not exactly tired enough to go to sleep, but really relaxed, hanging out by a fire until I get drowsy. Eventually I climb into a nice warm bed and power down, maybe watch a favorite movie, with my favorite movie-watching snack, whatever that is at the time.

Middle of the night: Get up and make scrambled eggs.

Mom's note: I am utterly surprised. I would have figured the perfect day would have at least mentioned her iPhone a few dozen times. Whatta ya know, I'm doing something right!

Ellie says:

Morning: Sleeping until it is no longer morning. Breakfast would be served near the pool by Rafael, my pool boy and it would be a selection of tropical fruit finger-fed to me, along with chilled mimosas.

Afternoon: Sitting on the beach with a good book and a  big Polynesian guy to rub suntan lotion into my back. Lunch would be a big container of Thrasher's Fries with malt vinegar. 

Evening: Dining by candlelight, dancing, moonlit walk on the beach....sigh....or hanging in a cushy hotel room with my kids, all of us tired and slightly sunburned, snuggled up in the bed and watching movies. Dinner would be anything  but seafood, even though I'm at the beach, because that's how I roll.

Middle of the night: My daughter sleeps and doesn't want me to get up with her while she makes scrambled eggs.

Anna's note: (Rolling eyes) What's with you and the foreign guys? As for the family cuddling - that seems totally realistic until one of us kicks another in the back or something. 

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  1. Where do see yourself in 10 years? How do you plan to get there?

  2. OMG - What a great question! Thank you!!