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Friday, December 12, 2014

It's Friday! Time For Another Gallery Of Awesome Stuff!

We begin today's awesome stuff with an introduction to Wakie - a new app that lets you wake or be woken by people from all over the world.

This is simply brilliant. You choose whether to be a "Wakie" (someone who wakes people)  or a "Sleepyhead" (someone who gets woken up), register on the site and it will connect you for a one minute conversation (anonymously) with someone somewhere in the world. That's cool enough, but here's the really brilliant part: they've got a forum (similar to Craigslist "missed encounters" from what I can tell) where you can try to connect with your wakie or sleepyhead, if you'd like. They're also looking into a premium service that will let you extend your call to five minutes, and they're even looking into a celebrity angle where the celeb of your choice can pre-record messages that you can pay for as a wake up call. The celeb can then link those via social media.

Of course, with a wake-up call from Dwayne Johnson or Colin O'Donoghue I'm liable to want to stay in bed.

No, I'm not expanding on that one. Onward!

And now for some awesome history! Check out these facial reconstructions for famous historic figures! Who knew that Copernicus looked like James Cromwell?

For those of you entertaining this holiday season (or should I say, "for those of you who are incredibly nerdy like me and entertaining this holiday season), here are the top five Jane Austen recipes, including Flummery, Negus, and Pigeon Pie. Yum!

And we'll close out on a fun note as NASA parodies "All About That Bass." Have a great weekend, everyone!

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