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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Coming In 2015 - Anna And Ellie Explain It All For You

As we move closer to putting a lid on 2014, I've been brainstorming various new things I can do to "freshen up" this blog for the coming year. I'll probably be putting up a new blog design, taking a few new author pics, and various cosmetic stuff like that.

In addition to that, I'll be featuring a guest blogger, every Tuesday through this next year:

My lovely daughter, Anna!

I've mentioned before that Anna has a wonderful, wicked grasp of language and all its sarcastic applications, but what she doesn't have is an urge to be full-on essay-type blogger like Mom. She's more than content with a zillion Tumblr and Instagram accounts, and is a social media dynamo on her own turf.

But in addition to all that, she's got a viewpoint, and it's an interesting one, and also frequently in complete opposition to her ancient, frumpified, ridiculously sheltering Mom, or so I'm led to believe. 

What Anna and I have come up with is a side-by-side weekly column, where we answer one audience question, from our differing views, and we'll see where that takes us. 

We're going to need your help with that, of course. So, how about it, readers? What would you like to ask Ellie and Anna? Give us some suggestions to start off, and we'll keep soliciting via Twitter and Facebook, as well. Ask a question we both can answer, or ask one of us a question and ask the other what she thinks of the answer. Whatever - the floor is wide open to suggestions (and please, this blog is PG-rated. I'm still her Mom and we won't be discussing anything I deem wildly inappropriate).

But anyway, we need some questions, or topics, or quotes, or fragments of existentialist poetry you found written on a bathroom wall somewhere, and we'll put our spin on it and see how it flies.

Go ahead, readers - fire away in the comments below, drop a comment on Facebook, or tweet me something, if you'd rather. You can also email me, if that's a better vehicle for you. 

We look forward to your suggestions!!

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